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Staying true to our name, Food For Thought creates in-person video interviews while providing basic resources to people experiencing homelessness in Boston. 



Each person is provided resources even if they wish not to partake in an interview. If a person does want to have a conversation, we can spread their message and help facilitate a conversation on the problems these communities face in Boston. Each conversation explores the experiences and emotions of the individual. We learn about the raw, day-to-day stigmas and obstacles the homeless communities face and aim to uncover the values, perceptions, and theories behind what people need most to better their situation in Boston. 



All Videos From All Our Platforms Here.

Clips from TikTok, Instagram, and Full Interviews from YouTube

Shaun Joseph Leblanc, aka “Bonezy” is a man currently experiencing homelessness in Boston MA. Recently he shared his story with Food For Thought. This video is the full recorded interview for those wanting to know more about Bonezy and hear more of his stories.

Rev. Carrington Moore, Director of Common Cathedral, is changing lives in Boston by providing support to the unhoused. Watch as he sheds light on the intricate process of finding housing for those in need.

AJ is currently unhoused in Boston. He met with us again and was kind enough to talk about his experiences and opinions regarding finding a job while unhoused.

Keith, a veteran from Massachusetts is currently experiencing homelessness in Boston. He was kind enough to have a conversation with us about his life story and his experiences on the streets. We also made sure to donate to him prior to the interview.


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