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Benjamin Myers

"Food For Thought started as my passion project in 2022. Inspired by my conversations with people experiencing homelessness on campus, I embarked on a mission to shed light on their stories and provide a platform for their voices to be heard. What began as a Boston University funded project has now evolved into a movement to humanize the homeless community in Boston."

I'm Benjamin Myers, a psychology student at Boston University, originally from Lancaster, MA. Inspired by eye-opening conversations with people experiencing homelessness on campus, I founded Food For Thought.


One night, while walking back to a friend's apartment, I noticed a homeless man sitting at the front steps. I decided to sit down and talk with him, and discovered his fascinating life, struggles, and a surprising connection as a fellow BU alum. This interaction left a lasting impression, highlighting the value of human connection and the need to share the stories of our homeless community.

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BU Today Article w/ more information on the creation of Food For Thought

Through Food For Thought, I conduct video interviews capturing the authentic experiences and daily challenges faced by individuals on the streets. Sharing these interviews alongside their portraits, I aim to create a powerful narrative that sparks empathy and understanding in our community. My mission is to educate the public about the root causes of homelessness and promote collaboration between individuals and organizations to find meaningful solutions. I am dedicated to amplifying the voices of the homeless community, providing them with a powerful platform to share their perspectives and empowering them along the way.


In a short period, Food For Thought has captivated Bostonians and beyond. Grateful for the support and engagement of our followers, we strive to educate and raise awareness about the homeless community. Together, we can build a compassionate society and work towards meaningful solutions for homelessness.

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